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For kids Grades k-5

camp carpenter @ Home


Located on the outskirts of Manchester, New Hampshire, Camp Carpenter is a 250-acre wooded property that is the Daniel Webster Council’s Cub Scout Summer Camp.

This summer, Camp Carpenter is coming to your home! We are in difficult times as we navigate through COVID-19 and we want the magic of Camp Carpenter’s stellar program to continue with you at home, just like you were at camp. We have prepared a program that Scouts, non-Scouts, siblings, and parents will be able to enjoy.

Camp Carpenter @ Home is open to everyone non-Scouts and Scouts alike. Each Adventure Kit is labeled according to the grade or Cub Scout rank the youth will be entering in the fall.

How does this work?

Each kit will consist of 2 days worth of program and it will be open for 7 days during your week of camp. Just like summer camp, there will be a daily opening and closing of flags. Each box will contain 3-4 activities to be completed outdoors with an adult partner, and the family, and they are not in front of a screen. There will also be 3 to 4 demonstrations, interviews/ conversations, instructions, or activities that can be watched at your leisure during your week.

The kit will also contain links to our opening and closing campfires for the week. You select the kit that is associated with the grade level they are going to be in the fall or their rank.

The program begins the week of July 12th!

What's in a Adventure Kit?

  • Two days worth of program activities for your child and your family. The kits will include step-by-step guides, reference sheets, and the supplies needed for each activity.
  • Instructions for accessing digital videos and live streams.
  • Camp Carpenter Swag like patches and other gear
  • Each child will also receive a t-shirt

How much does it cost?

Beginning the week of July 12th, each week is broken into two adventures.

  • For $49 you will be able to participate in the adventure or your choosing for that week, equivalent to half a week.
  • For $89 you will be able to participate in both adventures during the week, a full week of camp. 
  • For $149 you will be able to participate in four adventures over a two week period. 

Payments are due at the time of registration. All boxes will be shipped FedEx and will take 5-7 days in the continental United States.

How do we tune in to the livestreaming events?

Each kit will have a schedule and an attached playlist so that you can watch at your leisure during your week. Live streaming will be scheduled within your kit and done via ZOOM and/or YouTube. The program day will begin at 9:00 am EST.

Can we go hiking and camp as a family on the property?

I have questions, who can I contact?


Programs by week

Grade this Fall
Adventure in the Kit
Ready, Set, Grow / Rumble in the Jungle
King of the Jungle / Mountain Lion
First Grade
My Tiger Jungle
Tiger Bites
Second Grade
Grows Something
Call of the Wild
Third Grade
Bear Claws
Fur, Feathers, and Ferns
4th Grade
5th Grade
(Arrow of Light)
Adventures in Science
Build My Own Hero

What is an Adventure?

Our program is based on Adventures, themed sets of activities which help kids develop character, citizenship, leadership, personal fitness, and outdoor skills. These age-appropriate activities are designed to give kids a sense of fun and achievement.

For boys and girls entering Kindergarten in Fall 2020.

  • Lions Honor– learn the tradition of your den and pack in the Scouting program.
  • Animal Kingdom– learn ways to contribute to your family.
  • Fun on the Run– learn about eating well and getting rest and exercise to stay strong and healthy.
  • Ready, Set, Grow–  learn basic gardening skills, they are learning a valuable way to grow their own food.
  • Rumble in the Jungle–  become stronger, faster, and smarter by playing games with your friends and family.
  • King of the Jungle–  learn how you can be a good citizen of your community.